LinguPingu FREE — English Chinese

Jenccy’s comment:
LinguPingu is designed for Chinese and English preschool learners. This app can easily grab the toddlers’ attention with its colorful motion graphics. The combination of image and sound can help the toddlers to learn Chinese effectively. In full version of LinguPingu, there are nine themes include animals, food, body, farm, toys, nature, clothes, and apartment.

Developer:Elevision GmbH
Price: Free

More info.:
English Chinese / 汉语 英语($1.99)
Español Chino / 汉语 西班牙语(FREE)
Chinese French / 汉语 法语(FREE)
Русский Китайский / 汉语 俄语(FREE)
日本語 中国語 / 汉语 日语(FREE)
日本語 中国語 / 汉语 日语($1.99)
Deutsch Chinesisch / 汉语 德语($1.99)

Image Source: APP Store


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