Conversational Chinese – In a restaurant

Lavine’s comment:

Useful App for anyone who wants to learn about restaurant conversation.
Especially Eating is considered being the most important thing for anyone. If you travel to a Chinese country or you want to go out to eat, this topic and application will never go off the table. You may use it with on iPhone or iPad when you head to a restaurant or make an arrangement.

The wording and pronunciation of this app are all common and easy to understand. You may learn the words that Chinese used daily and also get to know what the famous and delicious foods are. Simply following the unit step by step in app, it will lead you a wonderful date.

Basically skills not only are all included in this app, but also you can find some surprises beyond your experience; for example : When one unit you learn which has lots new or useful vocabulary, this app provides a function for you to collect these words. And this app also provides some situational questions to you, practicing with you to learn how to react and answer when you face some music.

It will make you get used to the Chinese conversation environment soon once you use this app. Get it started now !

Developer:Taiwan Knowledge Bank Co., Ltd.

Image Source: APP Store


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