Finger Chinese

Cherry’s comment:

FINGER CHINESE isn’t good. It’s TERRIFIC. Kids will be having too much fun to notice that they are learning Chinese vocabularies. Beginning by make kid’s personal avatar with their name and gender, feel no pressure and company enjoy challenging the Chinese world.
The game is controlled simply by tapping on the screen. Each time an object is touched, the identified Chinese will be read. Having fun and memorizing vocabularies at the same time.
There are six lessons, including human body, living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and garden, which are the most useful part in your daily life.
As kid overcome one part, they will get one trophy as reward. Guess what, entering the trophies are the flashcard part which offering teacher or parents review all of the vocabularies with kids. Unquestionably, It’s also very useful for self-learner to review all have learned.
Simplified and traditional Chinese character and pinyin are all available.
Highly recommend for novice language learners.

Developer:Taiwan Knowledge Bank Co., Ltd.

Image Source: APP Store


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