Doodle find

Cherry’s comment:

Bored with vocabulary practice? Doodle find would be great instead.
Firstly, you need to recognize the name of doodles that you need to find and the number of them you must tap. Then, find as many doodle as you can in a limited time. While you are struggling, naughty doodles will appear and fill your screen at the same time.
Doodle find is not only interesting but educational. Switching to Chinese version, it turns into a great Chinese character recognition practice which is seldom seen in today’s app market.
Still worry about not understanding? Seven language modes are available, including Polish, Dutch, English, German, French and Spanish. You can switch to your language version to realize the rule. But do remember turn back to Chinese and challenge you self!!!!
Do your best and share your honor with your friends in Facebook or Plurk.
Doodle find is the best way to kill time and learn vocabulary effortlessly.

Developer:KlickTock Pty Ltd

Image Source: APP Store


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