Conversation Chinese – Business

Lavine’s comment:

This app is one of a series of Conversational Chinese. It is also worth   recommendation due to the practical topic. This time this app covers most of the public conversation you might use when you plan to develop business in the Chinese market.

Let‘s say High Technology industry account for over 50% of the Taiwan market, not to mention the large proportion in China. Many chances arise where you might encounter problems or you might not be so familiar with the style and method that Chinese people use as they are dealing with the business.

Especially Chinese people like to bargain a price; you can also learn how to negotiate, probably it may help you to lower the price of product or reduce the costs. I believe it’s an important part for your business plan.

The interesting part of this app is that it also includes teaching about delivering goods and issuing the invoice etc. Teaching from the very beginning until you are successfully done with the business process.

Language is not an obstacle anymore to you for starting a new business with Chinese people. I can say it is a quite complete app you can apply to conversational purpose. Advanced Chinese learners, don’t miss this great app which may bring you wealth.

Developer:Taiwan Knowledge Bank Co., Ltd.




Image Source: APP Store


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