Killing Two Tigers with One Stab

Cherry’s comment:

It’s story time.
Listening to a story is definitely the most natural and easy way to learn a language. In this app, the Chinese idiom “Killing Two Tigers with One Stab “(一举两得) are vividly told and definitely easy to understand.
The story is told in Chinese and English versions which are suitable for users with different Chinese ability. These pictures are cute and both reading parts are recorded by Chinese and American English native speakers. Highly recommended is, listening to English text at the first time, understanding the story, and then repeatedly listening to the Chinese version which would be a great help for your Chinese listening ability.
After the story, this app also offers detailed explanation of this idiom, including each word definition, pronunciation and the use of modern Chinese. Do use the Repeat and Listen part! You can record your voice and compare it with the correct pronunciation. It will make your Chinese sounds more elegant and perfect.
Simplified Chinese are only available in this app.
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Developer:Killing Two Tigers with One Stab

Image Source: APP Store


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