Chinese-Artword Teaching App Lite

Cherry’s comment:

Could you believe that learning Chinese characters is easy as drawing pictures? This app totally uses the ideographic feature of Chinese. Instead of boring and confusing, Chinese character turn to be creative and interactive. So do try to use the drawing board system! Draw your feeling or imagination of that specific character on the drawing board. Save it and review it. It would definitely help you recognize, understand, memorize and love Chinese characters more easily.

Besides of drawing board function, It also offer detailed information of Chinese character, such as stroke order, ancient script, pinyin, pronunciation, meaning, radical and so on. 72 Chinese characters in one app. What a convenient tool! Download it!

Developer:Chinese Artword Academy LLP

Get the full version:

iPhone :

Image Source: APP Store


3 thoughts on “Chinese-Artword Teaching App Lite

  1. Thanks Cherry for your good recommendation. It is cool indeed. My kids love it much and allows them to capture their thoughts.
    Here I found some useful youtube which link to the app as follows:-


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