Chinese Wonderland Board game 1

ChunJen’s comment:

Undoubtedly, playing is the best way for children to learn everything. Only when they have fun in the process of learning can they keep those things for a life time. Based on this concept, Chinese Wonderland Board game consists of a series of mini-games and is designed especially for non-native speaking children who have learned some basic Chinese vocabulary. The matching of pictures and voices can improve their ability of integrating auditory and visual information. They can play the board game for a whole morning or afternoon, learning simple but daily-life Chinese, such as food, color terms and some family names. In addition, the “My Collection” sticker book intrigues their interest of achieving all the tasks, because they can gain one sticker after they answer all questions correctly in each game.

With the relaxed music and intuitive interaction, children can really enjoy the experience of playing those mini-games and learn some Chinese. In the story-based board games, all tasks are meaningful and intriguing for children. I would recommend this app to Chinese teachers overseas for them to play this board game with their students and those parents who want to provide their children with a foreign language environment.

Developer:Taiwan Knowledge Bank Co., Ltd.
Device:  iPad
Price:$2.99 (★★★ NOW $0.99  for a Limited Time Only ★★★ )

Image Source: APP Store


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