Ricki & Jacky






Cherry’s comment:
Ricki & Jacky, the greatest show on Earth, is here in your small i-product! Take an adventure with Monkey Ricki and cute Jacky, you would totally love those games and obtaining Chinese effortlessly at the same time.

Balloon shooter, Clowns show, Ring toss, Trampoline, Juggling and Balance, all games are exciting and fun, but perfectly made for learning Chinese. Five different small games help you conquer varied Chinese daily topics, such as colors, hobbies, places and fruits. It’s an app that totally contrary to the word “bored” and makes Chinese learning painlessly.

Even more, the part of sentence composition is practical. Instead of staying still at sentence level, It’s conversational and easily utilized in your daily life. The scenes and user interface are cute and friendly. The topic-carnival is interesting and interactive. The style is amusing and all things are exactly shaping up.

This app is so fun and cute that totally suits every young learner.

Developer:Taiwan Knowledge Bank Co., Ltd.
Device: Universal

Image Source: APP Store


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