Skritter Chinese

ChunJen’s comment:

Skritter Chinese consists of many kinds of practice in Chinese. It is a vocabulary based tool but at the same time helps you practice writing each character. There is a series of prompts to let you step by step become more familiar with the vocabulary. You will first write with trace and then without trace. And the second character will be a challenge for you to write without any hint beforehand. After practicing writing you will then re-check the meaning and pinyin one more time and label the word as learned or not familiar to let Skritter know when you would like to review it again. In the end, Skritter breaks down the vocabulary so that you can know the logic behind it. Moreover, you can also draw the tones of the characters to make sure you pronounce the word right.

It’s really multilayer. You might think the Skritter hints are a little bit annoying at first, but once you finish all the steps you will appreciate how well you have learned the word!

Developer: Inkren, LLC
Device: iPhone



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