BabyStar : 学龄前识字1

ChunJen’s comment:
This is a very intuitive tool to learn Chinese character writing. The most important features such as order and number of strokes, and pronunciation and meaning of the character are all inside. There are several designs for reinforcing the memory of the character. For example, every stroke of the presentation of character is shown by different colors, making it easier to differentiate every stroke in the character. To know the meaning, tipping on the picture icon will turn the character into a real life picture that represents its meaning. Besides, there is also a button where you can see further information of the character, from the meaning to vocabularies and sample sentences.

You can practice writing with the presentation of the character or compete with it to write faster! Although it is named BabyStar, it will fulfill the need of learning Chinese as a foreign language as well.

Developer:Chung Wun Hang
Image Source: APP Store




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