Pleco Chinese Dictionary

ChunJen’s comment:

Learning a language, you must have had the experience where you get lost in looking up so many words because there are still vocabularies in the sample sentence of the word you are looking up in the dictionary. With Pleco you don’t have to do that any more. Just tap on the Chinese character you don’t know in the sentence, and a box will pop out with pinyin and English translation. With the definition box, you can also tap it for further understanding or magnify the characters into full screen.

No matter you learn traditional or simplified Chinese, pinyin or zhuyin, this time you don’t have to worry about the searching system! You can use English, pinyin, radical or zhuyin to look up the word and the result can be switched between traditional or simplified version by one touch. The radical function is especially useful when you don’t know how to pronounce the character. These are all for free versions. With paid add-ons inside this app, you can have more functions like camera-based character recognizer, flashcard system and full-screen hand-writing search. But you can also use the built-in iOS Chinese hand-writing typing to substitute for this function. Frankly speaking, it already serves as a decent reference book for learning Chinese without any further purchase.


Image Source: APP Store


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