Small Talk Chinese: Mandarin Chinese Language Learning

ChunJen’s comment:
Found your Chinese class boring and the learning just get tedious? Now try Small Talk Chinese on your iPad. The most important purpose of learning Chinese is to be communicative enough for making a conversation. Without grammar points or a chart of vocabulary, this app is basically designed in conversational Chinese. While reading and listening to the dialogue, you can tap on any character to see the pop-up definition and check the English translation below to catch the sentence level meaning. In addition to the dialogue, you can practice fill-in-the-blank or listening exercise. An especially tricky point in the listening exercise is that the English is not always translated from the audio by word, so you have to know the real sentence level meaning.

Two aspects that I recommend on this app are: the real speed of native speech and real-life topics. The content of this app embodies how and what people really talk in daily life, and some even sound  sophisticated enough to impress people if they are said by foreigners. So try some Small Talk in Chinese to revive your learning!

Developer:Small Talk Chinese

Image Source: APP Store


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