Baby Plants Fruits-Learn Chinese

Anny’s comment:
If your children have had enough of Facebook-style farm games, here is another option, ‘Baby Plants Fruits-Learn Chinese’! This child-friendly application filled with juicy fruit offers a lovely space for hands-on planting plus Chinese learning. Just kick off the game with fingers! What’s better, children will explore the natural world with Chinese. We all know that writing Chinese characters is particularly difficult to Chinese learners, but through the farming game, children will learn to recognize Chinese fruit names as well as the correct character stroke orders. In addition, every click comes with the clear Chinese word pronunciation which helps children read the word correctly. Also, the background of soft music reduces the learning pressure. According to the children’s age, there are two levels to choose: age 0-2 and age over 2 years old. With just a few clicks and drags, this application is easy to use. Children can start with the English version as well.
Learning Chinese by farming can be a great deal of fun—especially for those children too addicted with the farm game to give it away.


Image Source: APP Store


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