ATM Chinese – Traveling

Sherry’s Comment:
Are not having enough Chinese vocabularies or sentences hindering you from traveling in China? Drop this thought already. With ATM Chinese, you can start packing and fly to China right away. ATM Chinese is designed for non-native speakers who are just beginning to learn Chinese. It provides them with frequent used of traveling vocabularies and sentences under all kinds of situations, such as taking transportation, booking a room and buying food. With clear classification, travelers can easily find out the right sentence fitting to a specific situation within a second and reply to questions with confidence. It not only successfully serves the purpose of communication but also helps learners achieve communicative competence. Besides, via authentic sound, talk practice and test, travelers are able to sound and speak like native speakers. Stop holding yourselves back from traveling, get yourselves ATM Chinese then you can Always Touch Mandarin Chinese all the time!!

Developer: Taiwan Knowledge Bank Co., Ltd.
Device: iPhone
Price: 0.99

Image Source: APP Store


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