SNLChinese 1

ChunJen’s Comment:
We all agree that learning Chinese is a difficult task because of Chinese characters. Different from other alphabetic languages such as English, Frech and German, learning Chinese might take you two times the effort needed for learning other languages as recognizing Chinese characters is necessary for reading any level of Chinese.

SNL Chinese (Scratch and Learn Chinese) is a simple app to use to learn Chinese characters. It is flashcard-based and at the same time adds on a new function that you can scratch to see the Pinyin and definition of each character. This is especially meaningful when you want to practice again and again. You may study for the first time and next time try to test yourself before you scratch it. Besides, there are only 2 gestures needed to use this app: Wipe and Scratch! Just that simple.

Just starting to learn Chinese and becoming stuck and puzzled with characters? Now it can be easy to deal with :目
P.S. After finishing SNL Chinese 1, SNL Chinese 2 contains another 500 more characters to learn!

Developer: Mark Ashworth
Device: iPhone
Price: Free

Image Source: APP Store


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