2Kids Chinese

Anny’s Comment:
Are you worried about your children spending too much time on 3C gadgets and hurting their eyes? Or do you have concern that children leave studying behind due to 3C addiction? To balance children’s learning and playing time without sacrificing their life, “2Kids Chinese” works out a solution.
Parents can set up the playtime before children get to play. Starting with the first story, children will learn a group of easy Chinese words. Next, children follow the story to recognize and memorize the words by conducting a challenging task. After finishing it, children receive a sticker as a reward. Finally, children will see a trailer for the second episode they are looking forward to.
This product stresses that only one lesson is provided every day based on a step-by-step learning. Too many words are no good for children and even burden them. As a result, they learn less which becomes pointless.
To strengthen children’s memory, it will help if they use the描红section to practice writing. They get more familiar with Chinese characters when writing repeatedly. Another way is to play the game. Press the遊戲 button and play the game for word recognition training. Both sections are worth effort to gain as many cute stickers as possible.
Extra pleasure: Use the stickers to decorate the sea world!

Developer:Sheng Yi Information Technology (Shanghai) Co. Ltd
Device:iPhone & iPad
Price: Free

Image Source: APP Store


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