Chinese Wonderland Level 3

Sherry’s Comment:
Chinese Wonderland Level 3 suits children’s taste just fine!! Its cute and vivid animation is just like a cartoon, which can really seize children’s attention. When watching animation, children would tend to imitate characters’ speaking even not knowing what it means. Therefore, by watching these animations over and over again, they would know how to speak Chinese subconsciously. And, animation provides three kinds of captions- Chinese, Pinyin and English, which can help them correspond sounds to captions. It also motivates children to watch each animation at least three times!! If learners want to learn sentence by sentence, there is a text showing characters’ lines, which are all equipped with sound, Chinese, Pinyin and English. Learners can keep repeating audio to imitate native speakers’ sounds and easily choose sentences they want to learn.
Each lesson consists of not only an animation but also vocabulary and a sentence.
The vocabulary part categorizes each lesson’s essential words and also collects relative words, which learners can easily learn the same kind of vocabularies at the same time. If learners want to review vocabularies they aren’t familiar with at one time, My Favorite bag will be a very useful tool. Learners can put all their unfamiliar words into this bag and when they want to review them, all they need is to tap this bag; all vocabularies would be laid out. The sentences part includes only one to three sentences, which would not burden learners too much. And it can let learners choose answers they want not old-fashioned types of one question to one answer any more. It is really an interesting and useful tool, helping learners to learn and think as well.

Developer:Taiwan Knowledge Bank Co., Ltd.
Price: 2.99
Simplified Chinese:
Traditional Chinese:

Image Source: APP Store


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