Learn Mandarin with busuu!

Anny’s Comment:
If you are eager to learn Chinese ASAP or you are in an emergency of cramming for Chinese due to an important date with a Chinese guy or girl, this app can be a good starter.

This app covers a range of day-to-day conversation topics and includes different texts, quizzes and vocabulary. There are four levels to choose. As a result, you can learn Chinese according to your ability progressively. Another way to use it is that you choose the topic you enjoy the most. Then, read the vocabulary, listen to the conversation and do the quizzes to check the understanding yourself. This app contains a good self-checking system to make sure that the learner can go back to the mistake and review it again. Some courses focus on Chinese grammar and provide many examples which may help the learner get more familiar with the Chinese sentence. More courses feature in up-to-date topics that follow the world’s latest trends, such as job-hunting, traveling, the economic crisis and so on.

So, next time you run out of the chatting ideas when dating with Chinese, just search “Learn Mandarin with busuu!” for more information!

Developer:Busuu Online S.L.
Price: Free

Image Source: APP Store


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