Kids Learn Mandarin LITE

Anny’s Comment:
Let’s play with Pei Pei the Panda! This app consists of 12 themes related to daily life and each one hosted by the Chinese 12 signs of the zodiac. Visiting first the rat, you are guided to the world of numbers. You will be learning the Chinese numbers from 1 to 10 in a colorful way. You just have to listen carefully to the English instruction and draw. To clear more levels, you also have to tap to pop the balloons and to drag to shoot the basket with the fingers. Even more tasks are waiting to be done. Each game includes many practices; as a result, you will hear over and over the Chinese numbers and see them all over again your iPad or iPhone. Sounds boring? And, no. Every time you give the right answer it will proceed you along the way to Pei Pei the Panda and getting you a chance to play with the Chinese lucky animal.

Parents don’t have to be concerned that their children are wasting time playing; indeed, they are learning unconsciously. The games have multiple Chinese learning benefits ranging from listening to writing. Thus, if parents are worried the children veg out at home, please allow them to play and learn with “Kids Learn Mandarin LITE”!

Developer:The Digital Learning Company
Device:iPad & iPhone
Price: Free

Image Source: APP Store


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