Learn Chinese with Penyo Pal Food Frenzy

Sherry’s Comment:

Food names are too many to remember. But through helping out the Master Chef Shifu in Food Frenzy, you would memorize them all even without your notice. Food Frenzy is designed for any Chinese learner who wants to learn basic food names in Chinese. It features four different categories (fruits, vegetables, allergies and seafood) which you can choose from and a clock-ticking matching games that invites you to experience the excitement of playing game and motivates you to memorize food names in Chinese. At the beginning of the game, it shows you one fruit picture, character, pinyin and audio at a time, which seizes all your attention on one vocabulary. In this way, you are able to form the connection between fruits’ images, characters and sound more easily. With upgrading by one level, a fruit would be added into the game. It not only helps you review old vocabularies but also learn new ones. If you miss audios during playing games, no worry, just tap the icon, audios would repeat but don’t waste too much on it because the Master Chef Shifu’s may freak out. At the end of the game, it presents you with bar charts of your score, which you can observe which food you are not familiar with and need to pay attention to. What’s more, the Master Chef Suifu would evaluate your ability based on your performance and give you the suitable title. Want to become a Master Chef? Just try Food Frenzy, food names would no longer be your problem.

Price: Free

Image Source: APP Store


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