Decipher Chinese: Intermediate

Jill’s Comment:

Decipher offers a great way for Chinese learners to strengthen their reading ability. It collects a variety of articles, such as news, stories, essays and lifestyles which are very useful for people to learn Chinese both for language and culture. Morever, because all of these articles are authentic, people can learn the real-life Chinese.

Usually, reading is a sort of boring thing. Fortunately, the articles in this app are almost interesting and popular. What’s more, those articles also reflect some present issues China faces. It successfully attracts me to keep reading and reading. What is the advantage of this app? In my point of view, this app has some friendly functions. First, it can work totally offline. Second, There is “read to me” tap for each sentence. Third, the annotation and pinyin show on the screen only with one tip. After you can almost understand the article, it is a good way to train yourself reading without English annotation. The last but not least, words are classfied into Hsk Levels. It is very clear and beneficial for learners like me to know which words I need to bear in mind.

Although this app includes a few Chinese pharases that are a little difficult for Hsk Level4 Examinee, a few words are beyond HSK Level4, the wording in the articles is very life-like, and I do learn a lot.

A little suggestion is, perhaps it would be better if the app can highlight the important words, or the sentence can lighten while the audio is playing.

Developer:By TeaDroid

Price: $4.99

Decipher Chinese: Tester

Decipher Chinese: Beginner

Decipher Chinese: Intermediate

Decipher Chinese: Advance


Image Source: APP Store


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