Tea Story

Anny’s Comment:
This game is based on selling-Bubble-tea, the background reflects the trading scene that happens every day in Asian countries. Now that Chinese is becoming a popular language to learn, it’s more likely a growing number of learners will also be interested in exploring the Chinese culture, food in particular. Far from the tedious textbook cultural knowledge, this game brings novelty and fuses the cultural background into daily conversation. But you are not learning what the history is discussing or how Bubble tea was developed; instead, you are given a more practical conversation practice. You are expected to create your own “Tea Story”!

Are you ready to sell the delectable Bubble tea? Every customer passing by will catch your attention and it’s time to say hello. When the customers stop by, you talk to them and if you’d like to listen to the conversation again, please repeat it anytime you want. It would be better to follow Oonay to practice speaking. Though his tone is not always clear, the pinyin will save your conversation.

Oops! Looks like you run out of the pearls! Don’t worry. Go to Grandpa’s to get more back. Just pass his test to win the precious ingredient.

The test is even more fun for a beginner because the questions are almost related to English which associates your mother tongue with this brand new language to make sure that you won’t forget the Chinese you’ve learned! So, when you succeed, you get more than just bubbles.

Developer:Language Pilgrim
Price: Free

Image Source: APP Store


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