Chungaboo Language Series

Jill’s Comment:
Unlike other language education tools, Chungaboo has many ingenious designs which successfully impress users. One of the reasons which makes this app so publicly-praised is due to their talented artwork and music.
Helping to enhance the beginners learning experiences, all of the sound effects and illustrations are specially customized by producers. After entering the main page, the harmonious music which creates comfortable ambiance plays, and it make users learn vocabulary in a very relaxed status.
When learning vocabulary, what appeals to me at the first sight is that all of the illustrations in the app are made by talented child artists. I am very fond of that artwork. Besides, each word goes with a vivid animation. With that fun animation, I seem to read an electronic sketchbook instead of a language vocabulary book, for it is not boring at all.
Speaking of the Flash cards game, Chungaboo is definitely more exciting than others. Because it not only tests language, but also requires players’ quick reactions. Very beneficial to improve both memory and reactions.
Moreover, there is a unique function in this app and it is also the one I like it most. Free language combinations, a function means you can translate between English to Chinese, German to Italian…totally six languages, of your will. How convenient! Because of this great design, it expands the region of language education for different people’s needs.
Above all, Chungaboo is an appealing language learning app, and I am looking forward to its next release!

Developer:Chungaboo LLC
Price: Free


Image Source: APP Store


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