ATM Chinese – Living Abroad

Jill’s Comment:

When it comes to living in the Chinese area, what kind of topics do you think are necessary to know and learn? I guess you would answer me such as, renting an apartment, taking a job, going shopping, seeing a doctor and so on. Yes, and they are of course included in this app. But it has another unique topic, that is, having a date. How special!!

ATM Chinese, the app which is thoughtfully designed for foreigners who want to learn Chinese living wording is composed of 10 great units. Each unit has on average four to five situations which you are supposed to encounter. The designer also listed most of the possible responses for users, so they can reply in different ways depending on the situation.

Besides, users can learn how to pronounce like a Chinese from native speakers. Tap on the audio button, and you can hear again and again as you wish. About the interface, there is a toolbar which consists of four functional buttons just underneath. It really saves a lot of time and makes the settings and navigation convenient.

Customized word bank built by ourselves and the recording function are such considerate designs as well. However, in my opinion, I anticipate that the recording can also be a kind of test. I wonder whether it is available to work as an oral-test in the app, such as scoring users’ recording?

By and large, it is no doubt that being familiar with this app will help a Chinese language learner to be capable of handling lots of things when living in a Chinese country. Therefore, it is worthwhile to have this app! ^_<

Developer: Taiwan Knowledge Bank Co., Ltd.
Device: iPhone
Price: 0.99


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