Fun Chinese – Mandarin Chinese language learning for kids

Jill’s Comment:
I totally agree with the developers’ saying on their website that a “colorful and bouncy game will really hold children’s attention far longer than flashcards and word lists.” This app is true as its name of” Fun Chinese would suggest”. More than five kinds of games, such as Memory card, Bubbles, Color Search…and so on, focus on only one lesson and make gradual progress of teaching Chinese color. Playing this app is to practice what you’ve learned in a repeated but monotonous way, so it is literally effective to make you deeply impressed.
Although the Fun Chinese is just an initiative app of this company in the Chinese teaching field, their language experts utilize accumulated experience from their development of English learning apps to design a series of “learning by playing“ games. Moreover, those games not only train your language, but also train other skills simultaneously. For instance, in “Palette” game, it is related to the basic concept of color mix. If you want to get purple, you have to brush both red and blue hues.

In addition, it also tests your speed of reaction. Basically, the game begins with listening instructions. To take “Two by Two” for example, after you hear the instruction from the recording of a native speaker, you’d better quickly match the right blocks in a limited time.

As you can see, their pictures in each game are also appealing to children. The app is particularly designed for 3-10 year old children. However it is suitable for even adults. By the way, if you think that this app can hardly train you’re other skills in Chinese, it is not true. See the picture below, you will find their thoughtful arrangement of putting Chinese characters on the end.

Developer: MATEO SOLARES © 2012
Price: Free

Image Source: APP Store


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