Learn Chinese in 3D Free

Jill’s Comment:

For iPad 2, new iPad or Retina iPhone users, learning the Chinese characters becomes an enjoyment, for Learn Chinese in 3D provides gorgeous vision effects and methods in teaching Chinese simplified characters.

One of its specialties is that all words are classified by radicals and well-arranged like pyramids. It benefits learners to establish a frame of characters psychologically. Besides, as a member of young people, I am sure it comprises many appealing constituents for youngsters, like its free exploration in learning and the amount of Chinese style elements, including some brass or bronze decorations, background music played by guzheng, or the tiered stages consisting of stones, et cetera.

The way it presents contents is creative, too. Just tap the word on the stone, and the stone in tiered stages will rise and show the meaning, pronunciation, and audio spoken by native speakers. Totally 1200 words from HSK levels 1 to 4 are contained in this app. On the other hand, users’ can also tap the “study” button and let it designate around seven words for them to remember by continuous repetition. The function of remembered/not remembered helps learners to label words and impressed me a lot. After one lesson is finished, the words will be colored differently according to the level of familiarization. As a result, I can tell the words you are not familiar with from 1200 words.

In general, this app takes advantages of the 3D landscape successfully to help learners establish a pyramid of Chinese characters classified by different radicals in mind. I think it is special, attractive and somehow beneficial for foreigners to learn Chinese words with this app. Moreover, this app has clear and short instruction, so it’s definitely suitable for

Developer:Tore Knabe © iOccam2012
Price: Free

Image Source: APP Store


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