Chandler the Little Bull

Jill’s Comment:
Chandler the little bull is a good story book app for learning Chinese pronunciation and vocabulary. Through a creative teaching method, Diglot Weave, it helps people touch Chinese naturally and just like they are in foreign country.

The creative method I mean is due to its way of presentation. It mixes Chinese/English in a sentence. That is, users in Level 1 will begin to read sentences in full English, with the level moving up, some English words will be replaced by Chinese gradually. A level increases Chinese by 25%, so in Level 5 people will read the sentence in full Chinese eventually. I really like its“i+1”teaching method, and I think direct translation is quite beneficial to offer an intuitive learning process for people. Besides, all of the words and phrases in the story are able to be tapped for translation. It also assists people to understand the Chinese better.

Moreover, each page is full of pellucid, cute illustrations suitable for children. To read the story with pleasing background music is an enjoyment and attraction. In the aspect of operation, it’s very easy to use. Navigation buttons will let users go back to every page they want. And people can adjust Narration and Music Volume separately. That is convenient!

As a suggestion, although direct translation can handle most of the sentences; to make each English words correspond to Chinese words, it would be better to know some basic grammar or sentence patterns before using the app. Aside from this, the app can become better as long as some Chinese words are corrected and improved. 🙂

Developer: Grumpypants Labs
Price: 1.99


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