ABC In Chinese

ChunJen’s Comment:
This is a quite relaxing app to learn Chinese. It consists of three parts: word, chat and game. Learning Chinese words in this app is not like scanning flashcards; instead, it collects words in a picture of a specific topic and you have to discover all the items in the picture. It is actually kind of tricky because not all the items drawn on the picture are available and when you tap on something that has been tapped, it just pops out again, which you might find a little annoying…To learn some conversation, tap on “Chat” in the main menu, you can find several situations and dialogues in there. The contents are very concise and come with a native speaker pronunciation. It was especially appealing to me because the music and comics inside are very funny…In addition to practices in each word and chat section, the mix-and-match game in “Game” section is also a challenge for learners, which would be quite fun and easy to play.

I recommend the app because it doesn’t take much time to finish each section and the experience was relaxing. So have fun!

Developer:Screen Corporation
Price: Free

Image Source: APP Store


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