Learn Chinese (Mandarin) by Brainscape

Jill’s Comment:

Too busy to learn Chinese? Feel that you always use limited Chinese words or phrases because you don’t remember others?? This app will help you learn Chinese as efficiently as possible, to make you memorize and absorb the maximum knowledge in the right way.

The contents of this app are very abundant. There are over 5,500 flash cards. Just enter the Library; it includes some big subjects, such as, Business Chinese, Grammar, Vocabulary and Writing (radicals and order). It will be more fun to find more subjects or even create your own flash cards as long as you get the main Brainscape app. Numerous decks below in each subject help you systematically learn Chinese. Furthermore, unlike an ordinary scoreboard, your confidence plays an important role when using this app. When you are learning, flash cards will be colored depending on how well you think you have learned. Five colors represent the scale of your learning situation, and they also make up a pattern of percentage in front of the subjects to show clearly your whole learning so far.

On the other hand, a convenient and thoughtfully designed interface makes this app perfect. With numerous functional tools beside, you can get quick navigation, such as the card list, it helps to browse and search all of the words. Besides, The Brainscape team also has Facebook. If you have problems with this app, leave a message on Facebook and get the solution immediately.

The perfect conjunction of a Simple flash cards game and the latest way in cognitive science. Want to see how amazing it will be? Follow the steps of Brainscape!

Developer: Brainscape
Device: Universal
Price: Free
Link: https://itunes.apple.com/app/learn-chinese-mandarin-by/id408272086?l=zh&mt=8


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