Jill’s Comment:
Rather than teaching in a grammar-translation method, iZhongWen prefers the conversation way to help people catch the real Chinese right away. It is divided into three levels for users to learn, that is, reading pinyin, simplified Chinese characters, and speech only.

The way it works is in a form of multiple-choice test games. Different from others, the developer tried to make it more interesting by letting players choose characters and recording their scores (for players who login in). Aside from that, because the sentences and phrases are adopted from the text book published by Beijing Language and Culture University, it is no doubt that users can learn orthodox Chinese conversation with this app.

The idea that players scoring 100% on each level earn red envelopes is quite “Chinese”. I like it! 🙂 Besides, It is very educational that something inside envelopes is not money, but a kind of printable intelligence toy. And what I feel so special is the Chinese listening questions in this app are recorded by American students who can speak very standard Chinese tones. Although it is against the ordinary way of using Chinese native speakers, it seems not to be bad. Perhaps it can encourage foreign Chinese learners or make them feel friendly.

Last but not least, the app’s advantages of being applied for multiple devices and the flat prize for further topics are also attractive. People who want to try the functions mentioned above might as well use the trial version first.

Developer: Jen Looper© ladeezfirstmedia.com
Price: Free

Image Source: APP Store


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