Learn Chinese Easily

Jill’s Comment:
After a period of recommending numerous good-looking apps, it’s time to get rid of luxurious appearances and return to the natural way. Learn Chinese Easily, although it is not an app equipped with new ideas or some gorgeous visual effects, the simple and sincere designs of it are still advantageous in some cases. For example, its features of” easy to navigate” interface and cute, clear pictures are believed to be suitable for both the old and young.

Learn Chinese Easily is composed of different lessons. In each lesson, there is one definite topic, such as animals, numbers, body, and so on. The way to present teaching materials is using flash cards. People will learn Chinese simplified characters and pronunciation by the assistance of corresponding images and native speakers’ recording. At the end of each lesson, learners can take a short test. As the test goes on, the degree of difficulty will increase gradually. At first, People have to point out the right answer out of alternative-choices, and later from multiple-choices. That will be more exciting!

The scoreboard will give users summarized information reflecting their performance, including, time used, accuracy, rating and experience. Therefore, a tester can know their level well. Furthermore, because the NEW column is separated from LESSON column, people won’t be confused whether the lesson is downloaded or not. And they can quickly catch up with the new-releases.

As a suggestion, if you are interested in this app now, you might as well try it. The developer is not stingy at all. Now at least 4 lessons are provided for free, and there will be more included in updates. That is really kind!

Developer:Wan Peng © momoStorm
Price: Free

Image Source: APP Store


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