Merlion Words Free

ChunJen’s Comment:
Merlion Words collects Chinese words for animals, colors, foods, fruits, furniture and other more fun stuff. And it is not shallow at all. For example, the animal section covers 47 kinds of animals! As a language learning tool, it is very respectful for many languages beside English. You can choose French, Spanish, Japanese and Korean as translation to learn Chinese if they are your native language. And it is also fun to learn those languages beside Chinese sometimes by switching the first and second language in the setting. The feature that makes this app perfect is that no matter which languages you choose to be shown on the flashcards, it has pronunciation for both of the languages. Not only can this app be helpful for recognizing characters, but it also lets you practice writing on your phone just by swiping up the page.

With a variety of categories, it can be a tool for advanced leaners to explore new vocabulary and, at the same time, review all of the basic ones. You won’t be disappointed by this app.

Developer:MJ Apps Studio Private Limited
Price: Free

Image Source: APP Store


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