Tone Tutor

Jill’s Comment:

Tone Tour is the first app as I know directly recording users’ voice and trying to adjust. I also know that some of the Chinese learners are expecting the presentation of this kind of app. Now, let’s see how much it can do!

To adjust the tone, this function is based on users’ original voice and teacher’s recorded voice. After making a comparison between their sounds waves, the app creates a new one to show what user’s correct waveform should be. Of course, users’ recording cannot be too unlike teachers’, it will be hard to recognize. In my opinion, this function is very cool and special. I have tried it and feel its good. Regarding the contents, there are some built-in sentences, for example, “Wǒ shì tái wān rén.”、“Yí gong duō shăo qián?”…etc. Because all of the sentences are common and of a high frequency, I think it is a good idea to learn the correct Chinese tone from here. However, it is kind of a pity that sentences without classification seem piecemeal, and not ample. Perhaps it can be improved in the future.

Concerning the operation, there are some user-friendly designs. For example, this app is not required to connect to the Internet while using. And the interface is concise and easy to use. Users can promptly go to the previous or next sentence by swiping the sentence area. To sum up, Tone Tour is a helpful language learning tool of Chinese tone adjustment. With it, users can train their speaking skill anytime and anywhere.

Developer:Delta Electronics,Inc.

Image Source: APP Store


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