Pop Chinese I HD

Jill’s Comment:
To capture Chinese peoples’ hearts, nothing is more effective than that─saying like the way they speak. Pop Chinese, the app collecting typical Chinese slangs, are going to teach you the most genuine Chinese-style sayings. With this app, to blend into Chinese culture is not difficult anymore.

The app especially appeals to foreigners who want to “earn more money from Chinese tourists”. Most of the words are fit for business. However, the contents are still colloquial and practical. Even the people who don’t need to go on a business trip with Chinese can also learn a lot from it. Besides, knowing that what makes exotic slangs difficult to understand is usually due to the cultural meaning behind them, the developer uses exciting caricatures, and gives concise English explanation, useful tips for each sentence to assist teaching. To me, it is very successful. The example sentences combine the comic, dialogue and audio with dramatic voice. I feel I am watching a short vivid play. That’s interesting!

The easy operating interface lets users switch between information, examples, and other sentences quickly. There are also automated and individual play modes for users. Above all, the function in this app is friendly, and the wordings keep pace with time. Using Pop Chinese to enhance their knowledge is really beneficial for people to close the distance between them and Chinese. Everyone will likely earn more on the trade and make more Chinese friends with it!

Developer:Shanghai HanShengInfo-Tech Co., Ltd.,© YellChinese
Price: Free

Image Source: APP Store


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