iTeachChinese – Tag Your Own Mandarin Flash Card

Irma’s Comment:
This App is a useful flash card tool for teachers and parents who want to help children learn and remember vocabulary in an effective and interesting way, especially for those teachers who use “IQChinese Go Courseware” as their teaching materials. With little preparing time, they can provide students with extra vocabulary in an easy way.

In this app, each word has a picture, Chinese character, English explanation, Hanyu Pinyin and pronunciation. The greatest feature of this app is, as its name shows, the use of tags. By using tags, we can create our own categories. For example, we can classify words according to themes like weather, occupation, buildings, according to word class like verb, noun, adjective, or even according to the degree of difficulty. So it’s easy to adjust when teaching. Besides, each word can be put into different categories so the teacher can control the repetition and students can have different chances to remember a word.

Another useful function is the playing of the flash card. Teacher can use it to preview or test. Just select the words or tags we want and play. It will show only a picture and pronunciation button at first, and can display answers in Chinese, English or Pinyin. That’s flexible to use.

There are also some other convenient designs. First of all, it has both simplified and traditional Chinese, so we can switch them as we want. Besides, we can record the pronunciation and use it. Moreover, it is easy to search for words. There are three kinds of ways to search it. You can search from your tags, English letters or type English, Chinese, and Hanyu Pinyin to find it. How considerate! Let’s use it to help teaching!


Image Source: APP Store


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