StudyChat Chinese

Irma’s comment:

Tired of learning from a textbook? Want to make friends or be with someone? Then you should try this App! Different from other methods which always give you a text, and some words and grammar to memorize, it uses Scenario-Based teaching methods, in which you learn how to communicate in different situations you might meet in your real life. And also it uses spaced-repetition algorithm, which means a large number of repeats. But unlike other games which only give you same thing to practice which bores you a lot, it shows you some similar but not the same situations. With multiple-choice gameplay, you can practice your listening and reading. And with its clear and nature pronunciation, you can improve your speaking and conversation skills as well. When you become familiar with some sentences, new sentences will appear.

It is also a dating- simulation game, which includes the process of a lover from meeting being together. So you can learn how to chat with the one you like in Chinese. But you can learn more than love. Once you unlock other conversations, you can also know how to have a phone conversation and express your feelings, etc.

A considerate design of this App is that it is flexible to its user. First, you can create your own role. You can select your gender and change your hairstyle. And the clothes of the roles will change according to different scenarios. Besides, it can record your progress of learning. It can remember and analyze what you have learnt. It has statistics which record all of the sentences and key words you learned from the App, including how many times they appear, the last time you saw them, and the accuracy of your answer etc.

So, don’t hesitate, just try and enjoy it!

Developer:Guiix Pty Ltd
Price: Free

Image Source: APP Store


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