HSK vocabulary game

Jill’s comment:

This app is based on the HSK test, including all vocabularies from level one to level six. By matching English and Chinese words, the more words you recognize, the more tortoises that can safely land. How to play? Drag the right English word to the corresponding Chinese character; thus, the tortoise can get a parachute. How fun! Also needs to be noticed is that: When the player accumulates four mistakes, she or he will lose. There are a number of hearts and a fired fuse lie on upper corners for players to check the life and time. The one who survives to the last is the winner. By the way, as long as the word is successfully matched, the app will show the audio of how native speakers read the word, so it also trains their listening skill. As usual, there are a few suggestions for this app. For example, I think it can be improved by setting a feedback mechanism. Giving a record of how many/which words that the player has missed can help them know what to enhance, and building more levels of test result between the win and loss will be more distinguishing. In conclusion, I really like the idea of learning Chinese to save tortoises. It so motives people, especially to children, for it is so cute.

Developer: wenhui zhao © skpgroup llc
Device: iPad
Price: Free
Link: https://itunes.apple.com/app/hsk-vocabulary-game/id572798093?l=zh&mt=8

Image Source: APP Store


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