KTdict C-D (Chinese-German dictionary)

Jill’s comment:
KTdict C-D is anoff-line Chinese-German dictionary. All of the data is based on the famous HanDeDict. Totally over 120,000 words are contained in this app. The way to search is easy-to-use and user-friendly. Typing any Chinese, German or pinyin, it will show the possible items separately in each column. The searching tool is also combined with handwriting recognition for iPad and iPhone, so it is very beneficial for German students who need to look up Chinese characters. Another good function is worthy to be praised as well. That is the reader tool! Users can open txt files and read them with the assistance of a dictionary. When you have questions about some words, just select them and the Chinese/German explanation will show under the window. Also important to remember, what you have searched will be recorded. If you don’t like that, press the book image in the upper right corner, and then you can edit the history. You definitely don’t have to worry about words in the dictionary always being too small to see; you can completely redo the settings including character type and size by yourself. By the way, the app the writer use here is the free version. According to the Information from the developer, there are still some advanced functions for purchasers, such as flashcards trainer and external search. So useful. I believe it appeals to you already!

Developer: Klaus Thul ©2008-2010 Klaus Thul
Price: Free
Link: https://itunes.apple.com/app/ktdict-c-d-chinese-german/id363370276?l=zh&mt=8

Image Source: APP Store


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