Learn Chinese (Mandarin) – MindSnacks

Chunjen’s comment:

Hi guys, I want to introduce you to a highly addictive app for learning Chinese! MindSnacks develops a series of apps for learning different kinds of languages. In the Chinese version, the finely designed game is really helpful for memorizing words through excitement. Every time you play the game you will gain some points to level up and by beating the current challenge you will unlock a new game. Each game is training your character, translation or tone recognition speed. At first you must be frustrated a little bit by the overwhelming speeding up, but once you get to know the words better you will begin to feel the real excitement of beating the speed!!

As a Chinese native speaker, this is even challenging for me to accomplish all the challenges in level 1. Try to see if you are fast enough to beat the challenge of speed! And after that you will be a master of those words, too! What can be better than learning with such fun?!

Developer: MindSnacks
Device: iPhone
Link: https://itunes.apple.com/app/learn-chinese-mandarin-mindsnacks/id485803286?mt=8

Image Source: APP Store


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