Tap & Say – Speak Phrase Book


Jill’s comment:

For the people wild about traveling, the app we are going to introduce today is definitely your good helper! Tap & Say contains 600 fundamental phrases with 11 languages all in one app, including Chinese, Japanese, German, Italian…and so on. Users can freely switch languages between each of them, and the phrases in this eBook are really practical and common. People can learn not only characters, pinyin but also native speakers’ pronunciation with audio. What is more, all contents are well categorized into different units, such as Greeting, Lodging, Shopping, Dating, Feeling sick, etc. Just choose what you need and then you can converse with locals immediately. It can also help you make new friends or understand what the locals mean better. About the interface, that is quite appealing with lovely pictures and concise designs. Besides, favorite phrases, bank and key word search systems are also good functions that help your learning be more effective. People can build up their own favorite contents. That is so user-friendly. Good news for travelers is that all functions mentioned above require no internet connection. How wonderful! Traveling with use Tap & Say – Speak Phrase Book to solve the conservation problems and strengthen listening skill, pronunciation, and spread innate word bank will be a very good choice.

Developer: Codegent
Device: Universal
Link: https://itunes.apple.com/app/tap-say-speak-phrase-book/id491648052?l=zh&mt=8



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