Learn Chinese by Loquella


Jill’s comment:

I’ve tried the two lessons in Learn Chinese by Loquella and feel it is really cool. It seems to have a real person teaching Chinese speaking at home, and I am very impressed on its systematic and experienced learning way. It is thanks to Loquella that takes the learning materials from the US Foreign Service Institute and then makes out an audio textbook. FSI has respectful reputation on language teaching and has been using its method for over 30 years to train foreign diplomats. About their classes, don’t worry about taking a long time on it. Each lesson in the app is about 30 minutes, and the lessons contain vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar. The app focuses mainly on the speaking skill. As everybody knows, correct pronunciation is the key to the success of language, not to mention Chinese. There are four tones and pronunciation which also alter according to different situations. It will be more difficult. To enhance the speaking skills, this app uses “guided-imitation” ways with numerous drills. Take lesson one for example, the topic is “Tones”, and firstly the instructor demonstrates high, rising, low and falling tones separately. After doing lots of drills, users are familiar enough to make up different tones. Just in a gradual way. Furthermore, about lesson two, it takes Chinese surnames and similar sounds in English to compare them. I like this app, because the instruction and exercises in this app are very multiple and there are no surplus images to disturb.

Developer: Loquella LLC
Device: Universal
Price: Free
Link: https://itunes.apple.com/app/learn-chinese-by-loquella/id501329080?l=zh&mt=8






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