iFlash2 – Trilingual Flash Card ~ Japanese/Chinese/English~ Ver2.0


Jill’s comment:
iFlash2 – Trilingual Flash Card ~ Japanese/Chinese/English~ Ver2.0 is a educational flash card game with three different languages and over 300 images that helps you learn foreign language in a “glimpse”. There are nineteen subjects, including shape, family, continents, sports, transportation, celestial bodies, organs, seasons, camping, etc. Students are supposed to learn a big scope of words in Japanese, Chinese and English. On the main page, every block chart represents a type. Just tap one and start to focus on the screen. Each page displays one image, autoplay recording and the meaning of that image written in different characters. Using this app can attain both Character Recognition and standard pronunciation. To me, it is good to see a concise layout. Every page looks clear and the images expressed obviously are comfortable and beneficial for efficient learning. The function of language switching and play/pause button is right below. If students wanted to control their own learning speed, that would be easy to do so with just one tip. For your Information before using: the free version only provides words in the first half of each kind. More contents should be obtained from the App Store. In a word, it is a good learning material to practice pronunciation and memorize words.

Device: Universal
Link: https://itunes.apple.com/app/iflash2-trilingual-flash-card/id578041429?l=zh&mt=8





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