Jill’s comment: ToneSense is an app designed for training Chinese pronunciation and intonation. To obtain better teaching effects, it uses curves to visualize how the sound changes, so that speakers can clearly understand the correct tone. Chinese pinyin is given right above the simplified-Chinese characters. The developers are thoughtful enough to make the three elements, pinyin, character and intonation, well-aligned. Thus learners will not be confused or make mistakes. On the other hand, speakers are able to record their own voice to compare with instructors’. Learners are given marks after they finished recording every sentence in each chapter. It offers a good mechanism to do a self-assessment, encouraging learners to speak and practice more. Besides, the app that explains some important sound rules of Modulation about ”一”、”不”、the third tone and same word with different tones seems very professional. I think the developer is so witty that making the instructional content becomes a part of practice activity. Last but not least, the reason why I think ToneSense is advantageous and appealing to people is that there is ample culture input,including ballads, tone twisters, tales of marvels, fan-tan of phrases, origins of some idioms, the brief introduction of Chinese decoration, specialty, festival poems and basic tonal practice. Based on what I have mentioned above, I believe that this app can be really helpful for learning Chinese pronunciation and intonation.

Developer: Wei Sun
Device: iPad
Price: Free




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