iHanzim Lite


Jill’s comment:
iHanzim (Hanzi Master) Lite is a good assistance for learning Chinese characters. As everyone knows, Chinese characters have many strokes, and basically they can be viewed separately with radical and phonetic components. This app aims to manage the relationship of those characters and radicals, helping learners memorize Chinese character as much as they can. The interface looks full and tidy. Users may be confused by lots of squares, but don’t worry, there is a navigation key prepared for guidance just at the bottom. Quick switch between simplified and traditional-Chinese characters is possible. Users can even edit the English meaning and pronunciation directly. It is quite user-friendly. The numbers above are the strokes of radicals. Tapping the radicals on the menu or “新字”(means ”new word”) button in the bottom right corner are the two subject ways to learn Characters. Moreover, five squares have their own different purposes. One of the squares lists the extended phrases which have main characters as the head word. Another one is the opposite purpose to the former one. The lower three squares respectively represent radicals, remainder or full character, and homophones, so all of them are functional and indispensable. At last, this app still has other cool functions. But people have to update or download additionally. For example, the development of the character form Oracle Bone, Bronze Script to modern standard form sounds quite attractive.

Developer:Natural Designs Software, Inc.
Device: iPad
Price: Free
Link: https://itunes.apple.com/app/ihanzim-lite/id575732594?mt=8



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