Donut Chinese School:My Home


Jill’s comment:
Donut Chinese School:My Home is a super cute Chinese learning app. As a cute things lover, I am totally overwhelmed by those “delicious and lovely” animal friends, “cookie rabbits”, “French toast crocodile”…etc. The subject of the app is about the donut lion and his animal friends’ living place. Follow the lion’s lead, and you will visit six scenes: living and dining rooms, bedroom and bathroom, kids’ room and garden. Besides finding the hidden animals, users can also try to tap anything in the room. Some of those will show Chinese vocabulary.

Due to its game-based exploring learning method, surprises will appear unexpectedly. It is very exciting. What deserves to be mentioned is that this app has a clear and definite teaching object which makes it strongly pointed. Learners can repeatedly hear and read the specific sentence patterns. There are also flash cards to help them remember newly-learned Chinese vocabulary (in the kind of daily necessities and furniture). Moreover, the “follow me” function encourages learners to repeat after the “hamburger cat”—the teacher with Chinese native speaker’s voice, and therefore users can practice their speaking skill. The app can also grow children’s spatial perception and observation.

By the game of putting things into the right place, it is beneficial for children to develop rational association to common things. I think it is also a good introductory study for Chinese beginners. The designers especially mention that the app is produced by China’s top musicians and artists. No wonder it sounds great as well. Overall, in my opinion, it may be a nice way to enhance parent-child interaction by playing Donut Chinese School.

Developer: Donut Chinese School:My Home
Device: iPad
Price: Free







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