Chinese Picture Book Reader


Irma’s comment:
Tired of learning Chinese by boring textbook or stories you have heard many times when you were a child? Then you should try this. Unlike other story book apps which are always designed for bilingual children, this app is suitable for adults and those who are learning Chinese as a foreign language. It contains different contents and layouts.
The greatest feature of the app is its well-designed interface. First, the simple swipe control lets us switch the text to Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Pinyin and English easily and quickly. And we can hear the audio spoken by the native speaker at the same time. This design makes us easily connect and compare with characters to Pinyin, from English to Chinese, or from audio to sentences, etc. And it is also convenient to self-study. Besides, the appearance of its interface is clean, simple but still elegant. So, when pleasured by its clear interface, we can also enjoy its beautiful surface.
There are also some features which are worth to mentioning: The contents of this app are original or based on real situations. Taking the content of an interview for example, we can see the interviees names, ages and native places under their own photos. Futhermore, their handwritten note and own voices are presented, too. So from their answers, we can learn not only what they say, but also what they eat and think in real life. Those experiences can enrich our speaking contents when we make a conversation. So don’t hesitate, just try and enjoy it!

Developer: AllSet Learning
Device: iPad
Price: Free







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