Chinese in a Month HD Free


Jill’s comment:
Chinese in a Month HD Free doesn’t use translation to teach Chinese. It was proposed that learning language should be natural like kids to learn—To connect what they hear with what they see and memorize Chinese by comparing the differences between things and actions. This app has a user-friendly interface. It is very simple to operate and changes the settings at one’s will. For example, the voice can play either man or woman’s voice or both, and cards can be chosen to be displayed or not.

The app uses the unique method to teach systematically with flash cards. There are six vocabularies on a page. After six vocabularies have been taught, a small test will come immediately to help learners enhance impressions. In the first place, users have to learn simple nouns and verbs. Then the system will combine those vocabularies to make longer sentences with corresponding image cards, producing a gradual teaching procedure. Ex.小男孩(little boy)+跑(run)=小男孩跑著(Little boy is running.)

The curriculum can train learners listening, reading skills and also provides interface to practice writing. Users can practice Chinese handwriting directly by iPad keyboard. Moreover, audios and Chinese characters are shown with matching cards. Students can tap the buttons to repeatedly listen to audios recorded by native speakers.

In conclusion, this app is designed well. It can be a good examples for learners to practice making sentences. Few suggestions for this app are that the quality of its recording leaves something to be desired. However, it is still beneficial to attain effective learning.

Developer: Elky Entertainment, LLC © Learn Like Kids 2011
Device: iPad
Price: Free







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