Wordzine – Learn your first words in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and many other languages


Jill’s comment:
Wordzine is my favorite graphic dictionary, because it comprises a lot of pretty, pleasant illustrations and the operation of the interface is so clever, and intuitive. All of the twelve subjects in this app, for example, street, school, fashion, super market, travel, are about basic objects and common situations in life. Besides, this app is audio and recorded by native speakers as well. There are eight kinds of languages, including Dutch, Russian and Chinese. Switching to different languages is very convenient. Just tap the Earth sign and you can swiftly change it.What can people attain by using this app? My opinions can be seen below:

  • For kids, they can explore the meaning of each object from attractive images and imitate what speakers’ say according to repeatable audios.
  • For language learners of any age, they can use it to learn words and practice pronunciation in eight different languages.

What’s more, the narrators in this app are so impressed. All of their voices sound loud and articulate. It is a very important point in language teaching but some other developers will ignore it. This is another reason why I think it would be popular and valuable for people, especially for children.

Developer: Creative Experiences – Lisbon Labs – Solucoes Mult© 2012 Creative Experiences, Lisbon Labs
Device: Universal
Price: Free
Link: https://itunes.apple.com/app/wordzine-learn-your-first/id569505667?l=zh&mt=8






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