SAT II Chinese


Jill’s comment:
SAT Test has added the Chinese subject into the national standardized test since 1994. The examination requires students’ practical ability of living language and is divided into three parts: listening, grammar and reading comprehension. People who intend to take this exam need to have familiarity with Chinese and know how to quickly get the point from each question.

SAT II Chinese is an app just designed for this test. All of the categories, time and contents look just like the real test, except it is digital. There are two modes, examination and practicing mode. Students can use it to practice or take a simulation test. In the examination mode, users can experience a real non-stop test which lasts for 60 minutes. However, in the practicing mode, they are allowed to choose any of the parts they want to be enhanced separately; stop the practice at any time, and go back to the former questions to revise answers. They can just change modes according to different situations.

Besides, when users need to read sentences or texts, Chinese in this app is displayed not only as simplified or traditional characters but also Pin Yin and Mandarin Phonetic systems. Sliding the monitor can change fonts. And the contents of the reading comprehension are authentic materials. It includes many kinds of examples of daily situations, such as, signs, advertisements, notes, receipts, news, timetables… and so on, just like the real SAT Test.

As I see it, SAT II Chinese is really a helpful assistant. People who want to prepare well before the test shouldn’t miss it.

Developer: UGOOD Technology,LLC
Device: iPad
Price: Free






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